MÓR Benchmark Model

The MÓRTM Benchmark Model has been devised by industry members of the Irish Medtech Association for use as a Best in Class model for companies to measure themselves in areas of Lean Manufacturing in order to help give competitive advantage and progress on the lean journey.

The model is devised in such a way that it can be used by any company, i.e a company setting out on their lean journey or who is further down the line. Also, while devised by members of the Irish Medtech Association Operational Excellence Taskforce, the model is not sector-specific and can be used by any sector.

Learn more about the MÓRTM Benchmark model by viewing our new video:

* NOTE: Only members who have completed the MÓRTM Benchmark Model training, will be able to access this section of the website.

To download a copy of the model and start using it, please visit the "Op Ex Benchmark Model" page.

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