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Medical Physicist

R&D Medical Physicist

Are you fed up in your job and looking to work on something truly transformational? Do you want to make a big impact on society while learning new things? Do you wish that work focused more on inventiveness and trying new ideas? We feel the same way at Elbe Valley Medical! We are developing ground-breaking technologies that will revolutionise cancer treatment and bring hope to the 8.2 million patients who die each year.

We believe that work should be a place where you are enabled to be your best and push your boundaries. We believe that the best in people can be brought out in a positive and constructive environment where all inputs are valued.

We have the following position open:

Medical Physicist


A Medical Physicist is required to perform the evaluations and development of NEMS - MEMS platform devices as part of new product introduction. We are now looking for a highly-motivated Scientist or Engineer who is passionate about the development of nanotech technologies for our application of medical devices to improve patient outcomes for late stage of cancer therapy. This is your chance to make a big impact on a lot of lives!

Position Summary:   Position responsible for performing research regarding therapeutic applications of ionizing radiation and developing physics related enhancements for company's products and procedures.



  • Research therapeutics applications of ionizing radiation with experimental and computational techniques

  • Create computational models of radiation sources and surrounding environments using Monte Carlo radiation transport code

  • Provide support for device design activities with knowledge of x-ray systems and medical physics

  • Develop algorithms for optimization of dose delivery and targeting

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to optimize current algorithms and develop new product features

  • Develop and refine radiation related Quality Assurance, commissioning and treatment planning tools and procedures for products in a clinical setting

  • Analyze commissioning, Quality Assurance, and other clinical data to identify opportunities for enhanced methodologies

  • Create procedures to ensure radiation related measurements and characterizations are performed with scientific validity and according to company’s quality policy

  • Be a student of current industry trends, ensuring that the company maintains and expands its technology leadership position

  • Perform duties of Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) including responsibility for the implementation, coordination, and maintenance of the radiation safety program and day-to-day oversight of the radiation safety procedures

  • Assure compliance with relevant regulations with regards to radiation delivery and handling

  • Communicate technical aspects of the system(s) to regulatory, medical, and scientific communities through presentations and publications.



Education, experience, competencies, or skills:


A Ph.D. in Medical Physics and 3 years of related experience, or a Ph.D. in Physics with 5 years of related experience, or MS in Physics with 10 years of related experience



·        Skilled in the technical aspects of x-ray radiation detection and medical physics

·        Working knowledge of TG61 Dosimetry methods

·        Working knowledge of IEC 60601-2-8 standard

·        Working knowledge of radiation safety and current rules and regulations of the regulating bodies

·        Proficiency in computer science and algorithm development

·        Must be able to perform simulations using Monte Carlo N-Particle Transport Code (MCNP) 

For this appointment entitlement to work in the EEA is essential.

Location(s): CEO

  1. Rob Reynolds
  3. Elbe Valley Medical
  4. Unit 5C, Fairgreen House

  5. 1 / February / 2019
  6. 1 / May / 2019
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