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Seabrook Technology Group announces the opening of its second US Office in California

Friday, 17 January 2014

Manufacturing software specialist company Seabrook Technology Group has announced the expansion of its US operations by opening an office in Dublin, California. The opening of the second office in the USA reflects Seabrooks success in that country, and indeed globally, over the past 18 months.

John Dzelme, Seabrooks Operations Director for North America, commented on the latest expansion of the company by stating that, The new office will aid in servicing Seabrooks ever growing client list, which includes Carl Zeiss, Illumina and Life Technologies who all operate in the California Region.

Seabrooks announcement reflects the companys plan to continue to grow its workforce in 2014. In January 2014, Seabrook has built on its Manufacturing Enterprise Solution knowledge and expertise with the addition of two vastly experienced MES resources to the global team. Over the next two months the company plans to bring on board a further six Manufacturing Enterprise Solution experts and Business Intelligence experts to meet the demand of clients in Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Malaysia, Singapore and North America.

Seabrooks success also coincides with Ireland's economy showing signs of recovery. These signs can be seen in the current demand for Irish IT resources. Seabrook are constantly on the hunt for top class resources with certain skill sets and expertise and this expansion presents opportunities for Irish graduates and experienced IT/manufacturing personnel to gain invaluable experience working with some of the worlds largest manufacturing companies in the USA and other regions.

Seabrooks Operations Manager, EMEA, Don Sheehan explains that we always begin our search for resources at home. Our team of consultants are from all over the world but we are proud to say we have a strong Irish contingent on board.

Sean OSullivan, CEO and founder of Seabrook Technology Group, said: We are delighted with the opening of the new office. For me, the new office symbolizes the success we are having at Seabrook. The addition of the new facility and expansion of our team in the US corresponds with the growth of our client list.

The opening of the Californian office follows the establishment of new Seabrook offices in Indiana, Dortmund, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore in 2012 he said.

Seabrook was formed in Cork, Ireland, twenty five years ago and in that time has built up a considerable presence in Ireland, Europe, South East Asia and the United States.

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