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The Mayor of Dublin California celebrates Seabrook Technology Group Expanding Operations across North America

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Manufacturing software specialist company Seabrook Technology Group were delighted to announce the expansion of its US operations in California, USA with the Mayor of Dublin, California, Tim Sbranti.

Sean OSullivan, CEO and founder of Seabrook Technology Group, said: We are delighted with the opening of the new office. While we already have operations on the East Coast and in the Mid-West, this expansion to California showcases our success since our expansion into North America just over two years ago. For me, the new office symbolizes the success we are having at Seabrook. We are overwhelmed with the welcome we have received here in California.

Speaking at the office opening celebrations the Mayor of Dublin expressed his appreciation to the Seabrook Team for choosing Dublin as the location for the new office. Tim who was a classroom teacher for 15 years as well as 8 years as a statewide leader for public education and 10 years of public service to the City of Dublin, expressed his fervor at the occasion. He thanked Seabrook for ...helping put Dublin on the map even more by having a growing tech company locate in our city.

Dublin California has Irish links which date back to 1850. The Mayor stressed how there has always been a desire in Dublin California to have a strong connection with Ireland. This includes opportunities for Irish companies to come to Dublin for commerce and vica versa.

Seabrooks announcement reflects the companys plan to continue to grow its workforce in 2015. Over the past nine months, Seabrook has built on its Manufacturing Enterprise Solution knowledge and expertise with the addition of three vastly experienced MES resources to the global team. As well as this, Seabrook have also attained a Manager, Project Management Office, to maintain and exceed standards for project management. This new appointment will standardize and enforce repetition in the execution of projects to the benefit of customers.

William OSullivan, Senior Consultant and Director at Seabrook Technology Group, expressed his excitement about bringing Seabrooks expertise in manufacturing technologies to the region. Our aim as a company is to help manufacturers develop their systems to be more compliant, efficient and to grow business.

The new office is located in one of Dublins best known organizations the 580 Executive Center. The family run business is well known in the city for providing genuine Irish hospitality right in the heart of Dublin. As the Mayor of Dublin stated on the day the 580 Executive Center is where Entrepreneurs excel. The 580 Executive Center is owned by Kevin Ring, who is an Irish citizen, and his wife Gail, and managed by Kathy Young. With such strong connections to Ireland and unrivalled recommendations the 580 Executive Center was an easy choice for Seabrook when looking for an ideal location for the new office.

John Dzelme, Seabrooks Operations Director for North America, commented on the latest expansion of the company by stating that, Top quality work and supreme subject matter expertise is our key to success but determination and hard work is our vehicle to keep moving forward. As well as expanding our operations, the new office will aid in servicing Seabrooks ever growing client list, which includes Carl Zeiss, Illumina and Thermo Fisher who all operate in the California Region.

Seabrook was formed in Cork, Ireland, twenty five years ago and in that time has built up a considerable presence in Ireland, Europe, South East Asia and the United States.
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