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Aerogen Integrate into the Maquet SERVO-i

Friday, 8 July 2011

Swedish based Maquet Critical Care and Aerogen, Ireland, have today announced the release of their partnered product, an integrated unit which provides state of the art nebulizers for the Maquet SERVO-i ventilator. Maquet has been a long term distribution partner for Aerogen, this move will see Aerogen technology offered as an integrated solution for customers. Maquet and Aerogen have jointly created this product which can fit neatly into the Maquet ventilator, enabling the user to benefit from the advanced Aerogen OnQ micropump technology.

The Aerogen technology in the form of the Aeroneb Solo nebulizer allows drugs to be nebulized into a fine particle mist that can be absorbed through the lungs while maintaining drug integrity. The aerosol is based on a vibrating mesh which, when powered, acts as a micropump creating predictable sized droplets enabling targeted drug delivery to the lungs. The Aeroneb Solo has developed a strong following in the Intensive care setting, and as such attracted the attention of Maquet.

The technology offers an alternative to the existing nebulizer offerings, this unique technology allows for the caregiver to nebulize suspensions and solutions, without heating or degrading the drug.

Less than twelve months ago, Aerogen began work on an integrated solution for the SERVO-i ventilator, which will enable users to replace the existing nebulizer with the high efficiency Aeroneb nebulizer. The seamless integration will enable caregivers to control the Aeroneb nebulizer directly from the user interface, providing ability to nebulize in both intermittent and continuous modes.

This is a major move forward for Aerogen, with the potential to integrate with one of the worlds leading ventilator manufacturers. The integrated product offering is not only available to new SERVO-i customers but can also be retro-fitted into any of the tens of thousands of SERVO-is which are used in Intensive Care Units around the globe.
John Power, CEO of Aerogen, commented The potential for Aerogens advanced technology to reach the Maquet customer base is a very exciting one. We were delighted with the opportunity for our technologies to work together. Both Aerogen and Maquet are examples of gold standard technology which fit well together.

The Aerogen integration is available for purchase through Maquet dealers. The unit can be installed before purchase or retro-fitted by a Maquet service engineer.
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