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ArcRoyal launches Third Party Logistics services for medical device companies

Friday, 15 February 2013

ArcRoyal is pleased to announce the launch of a dedicated Third Party Logistics services for medical device companies, ArcRoyal 3PL. ArcRoyal’s custom procedure trays and surgical accessory products are used in thousands of procedures each day, with products dispatched to over 30 countries and used in 60 countries. The company distributes product to a network of distributors and corporate partners, as well as directly to hospitals and clinics across Europe. A dedicated Third Party Logistics service has been introduced in response to requests from companies looking to improve their distribution arrangements for medical products in Europe.

As Tony O’Shea, CEO, explains: “ArcRoyal has over 20 years experience as a medical device manufacturer and distributor, and companies like the idea that they can leverage our infrastructure and expertise to build their healthcare business in Europe. Furthermore, the fact that we can offer far more than just warehousing and distribution is very attractive.”

As well as flexible warehousing and distribution solutions operated in line with ISO 13485 and ISO 9001, ArcRoyal offers a suite of supplementary services such as customer services, packaging and labelling. In 2012 ArcRoyal secured a pharmaceutical license to handle certain medicinal products.

ArcRoyal has carefully considered the role of technology in third party logistics. “One of the frustrations companies often have when reliant on a third party for healthcare logistics is the lack of visibility around orders received, dispatch history, stock levels and so on. Our in-house technology team have built a custom online interface to address this”, Jeff Farmer, Marketing Director. ArcRoyal’s 3PL clients can view all the information they need to run their business in real-time, at the touch of a button, using the Customer Gateway online portal. This is especially important when clients and their customers are located in different timezones.

Companies are often surprised to learn that Irish companies benefit from extremely competitive freight rates, resulting from a strong reliance on exports. In fact, 2012 was a record year for Irish exports, with medical devices and diagnostics being no exception. Ireland is a well-recognised medtech cluster, with the highest number of people employed in the industry in Europe per head capita.

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