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Clinical Cabinets plans to export to the UK

Thursday, 21 June 2012

*Posted by Business and Leadership

Founded in 2011 by John Walsh, Co Galway-based Clinical Cabinets already plans to export abroad and hire three new staff by the end of this year, bringing the total employed to eight.

Clinical Cabinets delivers high-end, custom-made furniture for a number of medical device, pharmaceutical, technology centres and other specialised facilities including Boston Scientific, Allergan and HID Global.

Later this year the company plans to enter the UK market and also to introduce a new lab and clean room product that will help to reduce daily maintenance costs specifically related to hat, glove and shoe cover waste.

Establishing a new business is a daunting but exciting task. We have worked very hard to make Clinical Cabinets an innovative and flexible business so that our clients may benefit from personalised products and customer service, said Walsh.

It is a great advantage to be based in the West of Ireland, as it is a major centre for the medical technology sector."

The company is dedicated to offering a one stop shop style service that provides a product package from concept to installation. Clinical Cabinets obtains raw materials from local suppliers and manufactures all products in house.

We spend a considerable amount of time researching and developing all of our products so as to ensure the very latest in innovation, safety and hygiene standards are met. Recently we produced a custom-made waste recycling unit which has great potential for more widespread roll out.

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