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BlueBridge Technologies Semi-Finalists – “Your Country Your Call” Competition

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

BlueBridge Technologies has been shortlisted to the last 20 from a pool of over 9,000 entries to the “Your country Your call” competition.

The entry “The Ideas Factory” centres on the creation of a company that will generate and commercialise the best ideas from people within the HSE.
The idea grew from the collective experience of the BlueBridge team, Dr. Roger McMorrow St. Vincent’s Hospital and Dr. Jim Robert NHS London, the former have worked together on a multinational project that has resulted in 15 patents.

The team recognised the rich source of potential within the HSE for generation of Intellectual Property but saw no clear process for harnessing and exploiting it.
Their entry, if finally chosen will result in the creation of many Irish jobs, the generation of a revenue stream for the new company and the positioning of Ireland as a world leader in the design and development of medical devices and healthcare products.

‘We have been innovating and developing new viable products for our clients for many years and we are now delighted to see this process emulated on a wider scale for the country’ commented Garret Coady, MD of BlueBridge Technologies.’ We have seen a mass of talent and energy from within the HSE which is an unexploited national resource’.

About BlueBridge Technologies
BBT is a technology CRO that provide integrated product development services from initial project direction through to support for product industrialisation. The BBT team of Engineers, Scientists and Industrial engineers work with local and International companies with a need to outsource product or technology development and avail of expertise not present in-house.

BBT have particular expertise in the Medical Device sector through collaborating with senior academics from physical and life sciences as well as practicing clinicians in Ireland, UK Germany and US. This International network combined with our track record in commercialisation has enabled BBT to be key integrators of converging technologies. Their skill-set is unique to Ireland and compare favourably amongst their peers in Germany and US.
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