We are fortunate to work in an industry whose main aim is to bring hope to patients and it’s important that we do so in an ethical manner to ensure quality of care but also good business practice. We as an industry have responsibility both to patients and to the healthcare providers and system.

The long collaborative tradition between the medical technology industry and the healthcare profession has produced groundbreaking treatments which have transformed healthcare and patient quality of life. However, it is widely recognised that medical technology companies and the healthcare profession are entering a new era in terms of how they deal with each other.

Learn about why the Code is important for the medtech industry by watching our video:

As you are aware MedTech Europe (the European organisation representing the medical technology industry) published the new MedTech Europe Code of Ethical Business Practice. This code came in force on the 1st January 2017 and replaces the Eucomed Code of Ethical Business Practices and the EDMA Code of Ethics. The Code allows for an additional year to phase out direct sponsorship, by the entire medtech industry. There are six main changes which the Irish Medtech Association's members will need to prepare for - please watch the following video to learn more:

The Irish Medtech Association as a member association of MedTech Europe has adopted this code and over the past number of years we have been busy providing guidance and information to members about the Code. The Code is mandatory for all members of the Irish Medtech Association. It is not meant to restrict or in any way hamper how companies do business with healthcare systems, but instead sets expectations and norms concerning the conduct of business and our interaction with healthcare professionals.

The Code of Ethical Business Practice for the Irish medical technology industry is comprehensive in its commitment to high ethical standards. It governs all interactions between medical technology companies and healthcare professionals and it is supplemented by detailed guidelines which clarify and distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate activity in areas such as

Appropriate support of scientific and educational conferences
Legitimate consulting agreements with HCP’s
Provision of educational grants and charitable donations
Provision of modest hospitality and gifts

The Irish Medtech Association is committed to this code and we look forward to working with our members and other stakeholder to oversee its continued implementation.

Four Key Principles :