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Manufacturing contributes to Ireland’s economy

Manufacturing is a key contributor to Ireland’s economy:

There are 205,700 people employed directly in manufacturing – and a similar number of people employed because of manufacturing – that is almost 400,000 people (CSO QNHS, economy wide, agency employment circa 92% of total: Indirect jobs based on multiplier APJ2012)

Manufacturing provides employment across a range of skills levels and throughout the regions of Ireland

Manufacturing contributes €78 billion to Ireland’s exports (2012) and goods exports have proven to be relatively resilient through the recession

In Ireland (as with other developed economies) employment in manufacturing has been declining over the past decade (a decline of circa 30 per cent Q3-2001/Q3-2011). More needs to be done given the pace of change facing the sector.

Ireland needs to keep abreast of global changes and to refresh its proposition to attract investment across a range of manufacturing sectors and activities – from both foreign and Irish owned firms.

(Ref. Forfás: Making it in Ireland - Manufacturing 2020)

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