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Ethics and compliance

Medical technology companies and the healthcare profession are entering a new era in terms of how they deal with each other and in order to guarantee the reputation of the industry, we want to ensure that sufficient safeguards are in place to uphold the integrity of such relationships. It is our hope that an Irish Code of Ethical Business Practice for the medtech sector will play a very important role in governing all interactions between medical technology companies and healthcare professionals, and embed ethical behaviour into routine professional collaborations.

Industry codes of ethics have been adopted in many countries as instruments of self-regulation with the purpose of defining the rules whereby the industry may operate in an equitable and transparent manner. Born out of the recognition that that adherence to high ethical standards is critical to guaranteeing access to modern, innovative and reliable medical technology, the Irish Medtech Association have developed the Code of Ethical Business Practice to protect a culture of integrity and ethical business practices across the med-tech industry in Ireland.

Our members carry out many different forms of interactions with Healthcare professionals that provide advancement in medical science or improve patient care including:

•Collaboration in innovation and improvement in the device sector
•Training and technical support
•Research and education

Find out more about recent updates on our Code of Ethics video:

We recognise that adherence to ethical standards and compliance with applicable laws are critical to the medical technology/devices industry's ability to continue its collaboration with Healthcare Professionals.

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